Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day. Also the six month anniversary of Rosa and me. I remembered without prompting. Who dares say I’m a thoughtless fellow? To celebrate, we plan to sample the jazz nightlife. There’s always great music happening somewhere in Madrid, this most vibrant of cities! Rosa doesn’t much care for this photo of her but I like it. Sort of pseudo-Japanese. Exactly like my slightly contrived sense of honour.

My time in Spain is drawing to a close. I imagine I will return to Wales in two weeks or so, perhaps on February 24th or shortly after. This means leaving Rosa behind in Madrid. Conducting a long distance relationship isn’t easy but it’s not impossible either. I think we’ll manage. We’ll see each other as often as feasible. Money is the key to everything, as always. Which means I have to find a proper job!

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