Friday, March 07, 2008


A Blight on Blighty!

I'm back in blighty now. It's cold, windy, wet.

The moment I landed in Gatwick I wanted to go straight back to Spain. Walking down a street in London I was stopped by the police, who insisted on questioning me in connection with the 'terrorism act' -- because I had stopped to rummage in my rucksack. A nice paranoid welcome from a country that has lost all sense of proportion!

Terrorism is an exaggerated problem: terrorists kill very few people. Cars cause the main carnage. Bad drivers and chavs are the real dangers faced by the people of Britain. Plus the psychological stress caused by stupidly high prices for low quality goods and services.

Now I'm back in Wales and looking forward to seeing my friends again. I have to find a job to pay for my return to Spain. I plan to move to Spain permanently, I don't know exactly when but certainly by 2010. I need to make money first. And learn Spanish properly.

The strange book depicted in the photograph above is an anthology of strange stories about strange books. A collector's item indeed! The same publisher is hopefully issuing my Engelbrecht novel later this year.

Welcome back. I trust your papers are in order, ja?
I love the idea that terrorism only comes in backpacks.
I travel with a Messenger Bag, which may make me look more official than someone with a backpack.

So, there's a tip for you terrorism people: Messenger Bags are the way forward now.
Rhys Hughes: literary terrorist. ;-)

Hope to bump into you at some point before you leave again.
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