Monday, March 17, 2008


Apes and Japes

I have been writing Tarzan stories. ‘Tarzan at the Apple’s Core’ was the first, and now I’m close to finishing the second, ‘Tarzan of the Chardonnay’. The third will be ‘Tarzan on Helium’ and I’m toying with doing a fourth that will be a sort of double spoof, ‘Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes’. I’m not sure how legal this all is, probably it’s a trademark violation. Too bad!

My next book, The Less Lonely Planet, is due to be launched on April 26th in London. This is one my most whimsical books and one of my favourites and fairly representative of what I do. Because I was too lazy to proofread The Crystal Cosmos properly when I had the chance, some typographical errors cropped up in the published text. I’ve been far more careful with The Less Lonely Planet. A big dose of gratitude to the excellent Canadian who edited the book, Ian Alexander Martin. He’s also an actor.

I'll be sure to pick up The Less Lonely Planet.
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