Monday, April 14, 2008


Journey Shapes

I've decided to get back into running. I've had an incredibly lazy lifestyle since I returned to Wales and it's not doing me much good. I managed three kilometres before collapsing, but that's not bad after such a long break from physical exercise. Sometimes the buzz from running is amazing, but on this occasion I didn't feel much at all. I need to do more things with my life and get out of the sludge I'm currently stuck in. Exercise is a start!

Filiz has gone to China, to Guangzhou. I'm going to Portugal on Friday (I think it's Friday) and then to Madrid and then to London. The overall shape I make will be a scalene triangle. I guess most trips make irregular shapes and most travellers simply don't care. If I had a favourite geometric shape maybe I would try to replicate it over a large area, but I don't have a favourite. I do have a soft spot for the convex regular 4-polytopes, though.

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