Thursday, April 17, 2008


Portugal Tomorrow

I'm leaving windy Swansea again tomorrow for the Literatura em Viagem conference in Matosinhos, Portugal. I've never been to Matosinhos before but I think it's next to the sea, in which case I'll try to enjoy as much beach life as possible, in other words swimming, running and frisbee, if I can find a frisbee partner. I still have no idea what I'm expected to do at the conference: play it by ear seems the best option.

After the conference I'm going to Madrid, then back to London for the launch of my next book, The Less Lonely Planet. The launch takes place at 7:30pm on April 25 at The Grosvenor Arms pub in Grosvenor Street, near Bond Street tube station. Come all ye who dare! As I'm very short of money this trip is going to be interesting to say the least -- the chances of getting stuck somewhere are high!

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