Friday, May 30, 2008


Spyglasses, Space and Spume

Copies of the second edition of The Smell of Telescopes arrived for me yesterday. The book looks extraordinary and I'm delighted! Full marks to Eibonvale Press of Slovenia! The book was actually published in July last year when I was in Spain, so I haven't had a chance to see it until now. This is the first of my books to go into a second edition: Worming the Harpy should be the second.

The Welsh literature conference I've already mentioned now has a rather curious name (Space, Time, Machine & Monster) and a definite timetable of events. Saturday 21st July, 10:00-16:30. My own slots are between 12:00 and 13:00, when I'll be giving a presentation on OuLiPo, and 16:00-16:30, when I'll be participating in a panel discussion on alternative fiction with Jasper Fforde, Steven Volk, Tim Lebbon and others.

I'm extremely short of money at the moment and so I have to find free things to keep me entertained. An all day walk in the Gower seems probable tomorrow, and with the encouragement of Adele I'm going to join a local walking group, so hopefully on Sunday I'll be swimming in some waterfalls near Pontneddfechan. I haven't been up that way for years, not since the midsummer poetry readings of the perpetually stoned Chris Torrance in his tumbledown cottage.

Who's the publisher of Worming the Harpy? Any idea when it will be published?

The publisher will be Prime Books in the USA, the same company that published my 'Nowhere Near Milk Wood' back in 2002.

The final draft of 'Worming the Harpy' has been ready for 3 years but the designer has been dragging his feet on it. I'm hoping it will be published sometime this year, but I said that last year and the year before and the year before that...

Anyway I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a 2008 release!
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