Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What Kind of Hat Does the Sun Wear?

The sun has got his hat on... But what kind of hat does a sun wear? Not a sunhat, surely. Maybe a moonhat... Talking about moon-related things, there's a character in The Postmodern Mariner who is obssessed by the moon. I'm currently proofreading the final draft of that book, so it should be going to print very soon. The same character also crops up in The Less Lonely Planet and I'm including him in The Pilgrim's Regress -- he's sneaking into a lot of my most recent work, mooning around when he gets the chance, trying to take over. I'll have to keep a close eye on him...

On Sunday I went for an 11 hour hike in the Gower with Adele and got myself frazzled by the sun. We went swimming in Three Cliffs Bay (the sea was freezing) and then played frisbee to dry out. We also had a hopping race. I lost because she cheated. After all that solar radiation I now resemble a sunblush tomato, almost 10% the redness of Tim Prosser. Here's the evidence, coupled with another plug for The Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy. I'm trying to organise a beach party on Thursday evening. Anyone who wants to come, please let me know!

Jeff VanderMeer has advanced the claim that I am an unsung hero. I fear he might be right and thus I invite singers to sing for me, if they feel so inclined, at any time in the coming weeks, to help negate my unsung status. If singing is not possible I'll accept an instrumental, perhaps performed on a vegetable trumpet like this, or on a carrot syrinx like this. I hope those instruments are organic!

Rhys, we're going ahead with the t-shirts with your "Postal" short-short-story. Tell me where can we send you a couple of them?

Ooh I'd forgotten about the t-shirts. Excellent! Yes I'll send you my new address... Cool!
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