Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Plus ça Change

I'm now the poorest I have ever been, so poor I don't actually have any money at all to my name! My lifestyle at the moment is therefore extremely basic. I ration my remaining food very carefully, drink only water and seek out free forms of entertainment while dreaming of those things I've run out of: coffee, chocolate, yoghurt with tropical muesli. I feel like a castaway on the shores of my own city.

But the sun is actually shining and summer really is here at last! I spend nearly every day on the beach, usually with Adele. If I'm Rhysinson Crusoe then she's my Friday. Also my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. We walked to Pwlldu Bay for a swim on the weekend and tomorrow we might go wild camping somewhere. Lack of money has affected my concentration: I can't write with my normal gusto, but I tend to work in fits and starts anyway so I guess that doesn't matter too much.

There's a good chance The Postmodern Mariner is going to be published very soon. June 12 is the scheduled date for publication but I probably won't get to see a copy until the following week. I await this book with the same excited impatience I await my next paycheque!

plus c'est la même merde. While ones are travelling others are working and making money to buy some books. The "Sereia..." is a curiouse voyage for those who can only dream in matosinhos :-)
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