Friday, July 11, 2008



Hannah dropped off some of my possessions that have been loitering at her place in Waunarlwydd for longer than a year. I'm grateful to her for that. My possessions turned out to be mostly books. What a surprise! One of these books turned out to contain my only translation (so far) into Russian. I had forgotten about it. There's a dragon on the cover and it's an extremely well-produced book.

The second edition of The Smell of Telescopes wasn't one of those books: I already owned a copy. I like what Eibonvale Press have done to it. The cover features a blueberry pie among other things and all the stories are accompanied by interior illustrations. Nice! So far this book is the only one of my volumes to go beyond a first printing. I hope it won't be the last. It's possibly my favourite out of all the books I've written and seems to be the favourite of many readers too. Let's pretend the rest of this paragraph contains more self-publicising twaddle along similar lines, ok?

The Welsh weather has been too rotten lately to make outdoor activity comfortable. But tonight Adele and I plan to have a fire on the beach even if it rains. Quite how we'll manage such an absurd and impossible feat remains to be seen. But our inherent defiance is noble. There's a festival of dance over the weekend so almost certainly we'll go to that. I haven't mentioned what I'm reading lately, have I? My Goodreads page gives details of that and also contains an unpublished short story I posted yesterday.

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