Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Coast of Living

I first met Adele back on 11th October 2006. She is the finest human being in existence, the most lovely person created since our planet solidified from molten star-stuff billions of years ago. Destiny arranged for us to be together: I won't go into details. It has been a long journey for us, with lots of twists and turns, but we have arrived at last. I can no longer imagine living without her.

She is my moonbeam, my wine, my sun, stars, passion fruit, songs and all the good things of the universe. I believe we will be together forever. We have many plans for the future but at the moment simple survival is our priority: we don't have much money, though things aren't as bad as they were a few weeks ago. Our entertainment consists of avoiding expensive restaurants, pubs, cinemas, etc. We enjoy the outdoor life instead: walking, camping, swimming. Costs in this world might be high but coasts aren't.

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