Sunday, July 06, 2008


Shiver Our Timbers

I finally have a flat of my own. It's small but cosy and quite adequate to my needs. I now have to move all my stuff from the houses of other people into my new abode. Most of my stuff consists of books. Despite several major book culls in the past few years I still seem to be overrun with the things!

Two weeks ago I planned to hold an informal booklaunch for The Postmodern Mariner on Swansea Beach. The day after Midsummer's Day seemed an ideal time for such an occasion. But this is Wales: the winds were so strong that all the books would have blown away! Not that there were any books: I neglected to take them. Down on the beach itself conditions were akin to a cinematic sandstorm!

This photo shows Adele leaning into the wind while the wind supports her. The wind has never been so kind to me. I now choose to consider that first sandblasted booklaunch to be merely a (very) dry run for the real event, probably held at the end of this month in the same place, hopefully minus the same winds. With wine, fire and food it might actually turn out to be a pleasant occasion!

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