Thursday, July 24, 2008



My Portuguese t-shirts came in the post and I like them very much. It's not every day I get asked to write a short story for an item of clothing. This particular story (as I may have mentioned before) is a mini-saga. This photo shows Adele modelling the t-shirt in a tree. More about Adele can be found here. I wrote many mini-sagas when I was younger but this is the only one that still exists.

I think -- but I'm not entirely sure -- that I've won a prize for the Spanish version of my short story 'Finding the Book of Sand'. Webpages like this have put the notion in my mind. However I haven't been directly notified of anything, which seems a bit odd. If I have won then it will be a rare event, as I tend to get passed over for awards, maybe because my work intimidates judges and voters.

The latest news about Steve Upham is that he seems to be on the road to recovery, thank goodness! Upham at 'em, is what I say! What else? Not much news really. The latest edition of the e-zine Serendipity features my 'Minotaur in Pamplona' story here. The new Hellboy anthology has just been published: more on that in my next post. It has stopped raining at long last!

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