Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Can't Paint, Can't Draw, Can't Dance a Little...

I can't draw or paint, as I've often confessed, but Adele has encouraged me to have a go anyway. Several years have passed since my last oil painting, Palm Whale, but I actually enjoy the process more than I allow myself to believe. Unlike the writing of fiction it's not necessary for me to be good at painting and I find that factor (or anti-factor) in the equation of this particular creative pursuit to be rather relaxing. Here are the first two efforts of my daubing renaissance:
(1) Cuidado, the Hungry Ghost Wants Fruit!
(2) The Moon Takes a Midnight Dip
And here's a photo of the artist (scallywag) at work... Needless to say, my own favourite artists are all dead bar one: M.C. Escher, Nicholas Roerich, Remedios Varo, Odilon Redon, Max Ernst, Brankica Bozinovska, Giorgio de Chirico, Katsushika Hokusai, Louis Wain...

Meanwhile I'm delighted to report that Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams has made further improvements in his health. He has even returned to some publishing duties, to the extent that The Postmodern Mariner is now available to order directly from his website. Please do so if you like my work and have the cash: but don't if you're poor and I'm one of your bêtes noire! One of the tricks in my book concerns the fact that the eponymous hero interviews the eight Sea of Tea pirates for his blog. The interviews aren't present in the book because I planned to post them online instead. A nice metafictional joke! However, I've been really lazy at doing this and only two of the interviews are ready, the first with The Pirate Princess, and the second with China Melville. The latter interview (containing a link to the former) can be found here. The others will follow soon!

I like "The Moon takes a Midnight Dip"
Hey! Not bad!

Pedro Marques
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