Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Rain Dancing

Saturday was carnival day. It rained. I watched the parade and then dashed off to catch the performances at the Waterfront Museum, where Adele was dancing on stage with Samba Tawe. She also performed on Sunday at a different music event called ‘City Streets, Summer Beats’. This photo shows her in action. The Rag Foundation also played at this event. Other bands in attendance included Sheelanagig, who specialise in wild folk from Eastern Europe; and Turkish headliners Oojami, who played a truly vibrant set that featured a belly dancer and a dervish. A few relevant photos (mostly featuring Adele) can be found here.

There is no balance or equality in our likes and dislikes. Some favourite things, such as a favourite child, we keep silent about, to avoid causing offence; of other favourites we are openly proud, for instance our favourite foods, music, films. In each category there is always one thing on which we lavish more care and affection than we will ever give to any alternative. This messy preamble is inexorably leading to the announcement that one of my own favourites is about to be born after a long gestation – my favourite book of all I have yet written.

Here’s a hint as to its nature.

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