Monday, September 01, 2008


See the Dwarf and See the Giant

Engelbrecht Again!

Written by Rhys Hughes

Introduction by
Jeff VanderMeer
Cover art and frontispiece by
Keith Minnion
Limited to 300 copies
ISBN-13: 978-0-9796335-4-6
September 2008
by Dead Letter Press

The Old Id is a malign giant monopod who rules the Surrealist Sportsman's Club with not only a fist of iron but an open palm of depleted uranium... Where he hops, the other members are compelled to follow: generally from one utterly absurd and totally lethal 'game' to another. The Old Id won't stop until membership of the Club has reached zero or less. Only Engelbrecht, the dwarf boxer, who has floored more clocks, fruit machines and zombies than any other surrealist pugilist in history, stands a chance of coming through safely to the other side, and even he can't possibly be prepared for the ordeals awaiting him in this book -- surfing the solar wind; playing bagatelle with meteorites and skyscrapers; dancing the tango with the three Borges Twins, Tlön, Uqbar and Orbis Tertius; hanging out with Vathek and Père Ubu; unravelling the enigma of the Chronic Argonauts; and much much worse!

I've ordered a copy of Engelbrecht Again! - looking forward to it.
It's an expensive book, so thanks! But it should become a collector's item soon enough and the value ought to increase dramatically in a few years' time, so I guess it's an investment. Hope you enjoy it when it arrives!
yo rhys.

as a determined collector of all things rhysian i check in every few months to see what's on deck, and from which obscure publishing maw it will emerge. it's been a scramble (the early chapbooks were tough.) i think this one has been on my amazon order-list since it was first announced, by which house i can't recall, although surely it wasn't dead letter.

have you considered issuing the definitive rhysian cosmography? all the writings, and where they have appeared? perhaps this map already exists somewhere, although if so i've been unable to locate it.


how silly of me - i see now that the original publisher was nightshade, and have brought myself up to date on the sorry details of its history with that press. and that you have already supplied a list of the novels. perhaps the uncollected stories are to be found elsewhere.

i like the recent paintings. they're light and free, and a little goofy. i'd buy one.
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