Thursday, October 09, 2008


Whisker Church

The real summer was a washout but we had an Indian summer. Tomahawks clattered on the pavements, arrows shredded the curtains... Not really: but the past two or three weeks have been generally sunny (though getting cold). We had a big fire on the beach and cooked corn-on-the-cob in the embers. Yum! It was many years before I learned how to barbecue maize properly: you simply leave the leaves on. Stuart Ross taught me that. It works!

There's a church not far from where I live that looks like a mythical being from a snail-god cult. That's what I think anyway. I decided at last to take a photograph of it and add lips and whiskers, just to exacerbate the illusion. Not that snail-gods have whiskers. Cats do, though, and maybe it looks more like a cat-god. I must confess that I'm no expert on religions that have never existed... Here it is. Judge for yourself!

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