Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Engelbrecht Again! -- some images

The plucky surrealist dwarf has made his re-appearance in a sequel at last! Took him a long time... 58 years since Richardson's book was first published... He has come back with green skin and gold lettering. Very nice! Penguins feature not extensively in this book. Candles and hands do...

Well, not candles and hands, but the Hand of Glory, which is a sort of flesh candelabra ignited by magic... Other things to be found in these pages include: monstrous prog rock bands, the recreation of Pangea, cosmic bagatelle with skyscrapers and meteorites...

There are, in fact, too many things to mention. Like money when it's tight... Let's just say that the dwarf doesn't get much of a rest in this novel. Not that he would want one. He's irrepresible and even more full of zest than Tarzan. Which reminds me of this theory I have about my Portuguese publisher Pedro Marques. See if you agree.

Congrats Rhys, and hope it is well received! Look forward to taking a look at it. If anyone is interested, I am still trying to get 'Mother Wore Tights' published, but due to it sharing it's name with a 1947 film starring Betty Grable, it's title is problematic (although I had not heard of this film when I wrote the book!) My agent is investigating the legal complexities, but due to him being a moron and retard, I do not expect a resolution anytime soon...
I had similar problems when I tried to get 'To Clock a Mockillbird' published... :-)
I've started reading this book and, so far, I am not disappointed by this book's rare ability to give me enough independent literary sustenance of style and content to get my reading teeth into.

Finished this book. It teased the ribbon synapses. It's probably *too* good

This storylinked below I discovered recently:
Writer Picked Up His Pen
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