Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Goodbye Humdrumming!

The publishing company Humdrumming has gone into liquidation. The end was as rapid and unexpected as the collapse of a soufflé. What kind of soufflé? Why, chaos-and-ego, of course!

The Canadian fellow Ian Alexander Martin (director of the company before the fall) is either: (a) A marvellous chap and it certainly isn't his fault that Humdrumming failed. The fault belongs to others, who kept him in the dark about stuff, sabotaged his reforms, etc. (b) A psychopath with no business sense who brought the company to its knees like a demented lumberjack meeting a stilt walker.

I don't know which of those options is the truth. He was one of the most conscientious editors I've ever worked with, so from personal experience I'd plump for (a) but I'm aware there is always another side to any story and I have recently been persuasively informed that (b) is the real answer. Probably best I don't comment on it. Too late now! Maybe the answer's in the middle... No, that's too cheesy and glib a solution!

Anyway... the upshot of this is that The Less Lonely Planet is no longer available to purchase and thus is fated to become extremely rare. If you have a copy, then rejoice! for there aren't many in circulation; and when I eventually attain the dizzy heights of literary fame that destiny has reserved for me, this book will be of immense value!

The same holds true of the two Humdrumming anthologies that contain my work, especially the second volume, which was distributed so thinly that even the aforementioned director of the company doesn't own a copy (and neither do I).

Although it has nothing to do with Humdrumming, my recently published novel Engelbrecht Again! is also guaranteed to become a collector's item. Consider buying a copy so that one day you can boast that you were a shrewd investor in your (relative) youth. How your friends will froth with envy! Like rabid pandas!

Sad news about Humdrumming; I read an interview with Ian ages ago; he seemed like a gentleman. Anyhow, this should cheer you up; it did me! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7722407.stm
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Sorry to hear about humdrumming! Their demise reminded me of Tanjen's in the Nineties.

I look forward to my purchased copy of 'Engelbrecht Again!'

I note you have a destiny of literary fame - let's hope it's before you die.
Before I die? Unlikely. I don't intend hanging around just waiting though...
I like your work very much, and respect your opinion-what do you think of William Gibson's work? Have you read Neuromancer? He's no Frank Herbert, but still great story teller. I read a qoute of his once; he said that he doesn't write science fiction books; he just writes fiction that happens to be set in the future!

I saw this at 2AM this morning and nearly fouled myself; absolute desecration...

Unfortunately I haven't read anything by William Gibson. I planned to read *neuromancer* years ago but just never got around to it.

I must confess that I don't know much at all about the 'cyberpunk' movement.

When it comes to SF I'm rather behind the times, still stuck in the 60s and 70s, and tend to read writers like John Sladek, Thomas Disch, Brian Aldiss, J.G. Ballard, Samuel Delany, etc.

Gibson is too newfangled for me!
Go read Virtual Light, Rhys - it's probably my favourite Gibson's books.
I agree with Chris; Virtual Light is awesome, but also try Idoru...
PS Read any Philip K. Dick, Rhys? I love Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep (filmed as Blade Runner), and Ubik; both are wonderful....
Further to my comment above, pleased to say I've received here in UK your book ENGELBRECHT AGAIN!!
It looks great and can't wait to read it. Thanks for personalised bookplate.
Weirdmonger: Thanks Des. Hope you enjoy the book! My own copies came two days ago and I'm delighted with the look of the thing!

Burris: I may get round to reading Gibson one day but my reading list is now so long that it might take more than my lifetime to get even halfway through it! As for Philip K. Dick... an amazing writer, but I haven't read as much of his work as I'd like to, I've only read 'The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch'. I once thought (and maybe still do) that 'Perky Pat' would be a good name for a band...
I agree with you Rhys, that 'perky Pat' would be a good name for a band; best characters name in the whole of written sci-fi? Why, 'Horselover Fat' of course (from Dick's VALIS novel...)
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