Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes

Engelbrecht Again! has been published at last! It plopped forth from the printer's womb last Friday -- on Halloween! Was that appropriate? Well, there are plenty of ghosts, skeletons and witches in the novel. So yes. We celebrated this news by drinking wine and carving features into a pumpkin. We tried to make a happy face, but pumpkin heads always look a trifle sinister and this one was no exception. I wonder what trifle heads look like? No I don't.

I made a sylabub owl and a plum duff ferret. They was rubbish.
I have of late, though I know not why, been reading Frank Herbert. I find him to be in total accord with my own principles and a man 10,000 years ahead of his time; rather like the time that some of his more famous books take place! The ecological and political universe in which the Dune books are set speaks of a writer of superior intellect; rather like yourself!
Coincidentally I nearly bought the original six volume set of Herbert's DUNE sequence at a car boot sale last Saturday.

I read the first five of these when I was 16 years old but for some reason never managed 'Chapter House'.

My two favourites were the first book and 'Children of'. I was least thrilled with 'Heretics'.
I stopped more or less after 'God Emperor Of Dune'; I tried reading the ones that came after it, but frankly, they bored me. There is much discussion of whether the David Lynch film is better/worse than the US min-series; to my goodly self, 'tis a no-brainer. Only David Lynch could film an un-filmable book. To this day, I remain awe-struck and at the same time appalled by the Baron Vladimir Harkonen...
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