Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sum Snippets

A few more glamour shots of Engelbrecht Again! can be found here...
The full promotional film for the Fast Ships, Black Sails anthology of pirate stories is now online (the most convincing pirate among the readers is Conrad Williams; I look like I didn't make much of an effort, which is absolutely true)...
I'm doing a perfomance thing on December 6th called Borges & Bossa Nova, a rare Swansea event for me, with Paul Battenbough of King of Despair fame. It's actually a reprisal of the Sereia reading I did in Lisbon a few years back, but with live music.
Snippets will become details soon enough...

That was cool! Conrad certainly played the part well and Rhys, you could have at least thrown in a 'yarrr!' or two!
Hey, is that the long awaited soundtrack for "Sereia"? Any chance of listing to it on a mp3 track?
The long awaited Sereia soundtrack?

Unfortunately it's not the full thing. Not even a decent segment. This is just the first incarnation of the first part of it! Good practice though, and a reminder for me to be less lazy about it.

I have been sooooooo slow with this music project. Sorry!

In the meantime here's some great music not by me:
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