Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The Daubs of Perception

Christmas is coming, unfortunately. I avoid celebrating it as much as possible every year. Scrooge is one of my heroes (the unreformed Scrooge, not the later version). I despise decorations, fairy lights, false joy, flaming puddings, sherry in the afternoons and spending money. This year I will probably go north for the dreaded Xmas Day instead of south. Strange? Not really. Adele comes from Lancashire, so we will travel there to visit her family. If snow falls I won't build a snowman but I might build a snow-walrus, as I did way back in 1991, a variation I'm still pleased with.

Close your eyes quickly! Here are my two most recent paintings. Too late! The titles of these monstrosities are as follows:
1. Boris Lovetrap
2. The Yoga Lesson

Not having painted anything for many weeks it seems I've lost my gift. Luckily I never had a gift in the first place, so there's nothing to lose. Marvellous. Don't like giving gifts, don't like receiving them. Suet is a mean trick. Crackers, worthless.

Does anyone know the actual scientific name for men who sniff women's bicycle seats? I used to know, but I've forgotten. I can't say too much as it's sub judice, but lets just say a 'friend' of mine needs to know, and pretty quick. Thanks to anyone who can help out. Cheers...
According to Kurt Vonnegut the word 'twerp' is technically correct for the habit you describe.
Thanks; might come in handy next Thursday afternoon. Hopefully I won't need to know but it's best I cover all bases. Thanks again....
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