Monday, December 29, 2008


End of Year Reflection

Another year has come to an end. I began 2008 in a farmhouse in Cantabria and I'm ending it in Swansea... In between there was Africa, Aragon, Portugal and Pembrokeshire... I had three books published including my 'jinxed' Engelbrecht book (the first novel I ever wrote) and I completed a new novel ready for publication next year... I wrote a total of 27 new stories and started two or three new story cycles... As for reading, I discovered two authors who impressed me to a greater degree than usual and both have the same initials. One was Bruce Chatwin, the other is this fellow...

So much for all that. The best thing about 2008 was Adele. We spent as much time outdoors as possible, generally on the beach. We were robbed by a fox. We played frisbee and cricket, slept under the stars, ran into the sea (and ran out again) and did far too many things together to mention. Nobody has ever made me laugh so much. I'm looking forward to spending all of 2009 with her. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you all!

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Happy New Year, Rhys. I hope 2009 is as joyful, productive and mad for you as 2008.
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