Tuesday, December 16, 2008


On the Beach

I have been playing around with photographic software. Clearer versions of the pictures in my last blog entry have been created but they can't be found here. In the clearer photos, Paul's gold shoes look more expensive. In the week since the show, Adele and I have been walking on the beach a lot in our much less fancy shoes, hunting for sunsets. Found a few too -- like this one... Not bad for Wales in winter!

Meanwhile Bookspot Central are running a competition in which the prize is a copy of my latest book, Engelbrecht Again! Not sure what you have to do to enter but I think the closing date is December 18th, so not much time left! This photo shows Adele and the prize. I would rather win the girl than the book if I was you. But the book's all you get. Sorry. Life is tough.

Hi Rhys,
According to Bookspot Central:
"...Contest is open to all BookSpot Central members. Just PM (private message) me at our forums and you’re entered."

Signing up for membership to their forum took about a minute and didn't require any personal info beyond an email address. Although I was asked the color of Superman's cape. It's burgundy, no?

But remember, all those ordering direct from Dead Letter Press will receive a free pretty girl with each copy. (Reader must supply pretty girl.)
Happy Christmas, and God bless us all, each and every one of us.....
Happy Christmas, and God bless us all, each and every one of us.....
That beach photo looks like the 1st shot of Polanski's "Macbeth" (which was shot entirely in Wales). Quite stunning...
I hope you had a good Christmas Rhys; what presents did you get? My girlfriend got me a box of 12 AA batteries, a pack of scissors, and bloody oven gloves. I told her that I wanted beer and porn, but she never listens to me....
Hello! I didn't get any presents at all. That's the price I have to pay for not buying any presents for anyone... A price worth paying in my view!
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