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Despite the wine, cider, music and sparklers, we celebrated New Year's Eve in a fairly restrained style. Somewhere along the line I stopped being a wild party animal. Nightclubs don't interest me much anymore and it was a relief not to wake up the following morning with a hangover. Many years ago when I was a student I actually consumed enough alcohol to last me the rest of my life, so I don't feel I'm missing anything!

We are in the middle of an old-fashioned winter, the sort of winter they don't make anymore, icy and crisp with a pale blue sky and a weak low sun. Much better than wind and rain! We've been playing tennis on the beach to warm ourselves up. Meanwhile I've nearly finished my first story of 2009, a mini-epic called 'Hell Toupée' about a stiltwalking abominable snowman who becomes the founder of a new dynasty of Vegetarian Aztecs.

Happy New Year! I spent New Years Eve lonely and drunk. Will there ever be an end to this madness? Maybe not. This year, if 'Mother Wore Tights' doesn't get published, I'm going to give up writing and go back to nursing. Can you blame me?
Yes I can blame you. But not very much. Happy New Year anyway! The madness must never end -- that would be totally insane!
My word, that's wonderful!!!! "The madness must never end--that would be totally insane"; I love it! Well done Rhys!!! What a great way with words that you have!
Hello, my name is Eva. I am from Spain but I live in Swansea. A friend borrow me one of your books and I liked it, so I'm writing to say hello!
I like your photo Rhys you look like a writer man! like Hemingway!
Why whan I post a message cant you see my photo. does this help?
Ok, now this works and you can see what I look like! You do look like a writer man! I am from Barcelona, but now I live in Swansea! Please read to kill a mokingbird. I think everything is ok now
Hello Spanish Eva, my name is Burris Ewell, but you can call me Burris. How are you?
Some kind of elaborate trick going on here? :-)
If it is, it's a cruel one; she's a hottie! C'mom Eva, what's the story?
Hello all...
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