Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Baddie TwoShoes

The monsters that oppose Twisthorn Bellow just keep getting worse. Worse in the pejorative sense! Here we see Baddie TwoShoes, a sort of footwear komodo. He's the pet monster of Lord Doublestuff, who always does everything twice. In keeping with his owner, Baddie TwoShoes has two soles. But he has three tongues, as this photo clearly shoes -- I mean shows! It's always good to break with tradition. Baddie, Baddie TwoShoes, you don't think, don't joke, what do you do? Eat goodies, is the probable answer to that!

Four chapters of Twisthorn Bellow have now been completed and I've just started the fifth. Apart from writing I've spent some hours helping out on Adele's allotment. Her plot was very overgrown and needed lots of work -- exactly like the plot of my novel! Because I'm currently out of physical shape my joints were unbelievably sore in the aftermath of my efforts -- exactly like the monsters in my novel! Can't think of any other connections between gardening and my novel. So I'l just mention that the third part of my interview with Americymru is now online here. In this part I ask the questions and the world answers. That's the idea anyway!

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