Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tiktac Spittlegit & Ruby dubDub

Two more monsters for you. Monsters ought to be bad and this pair are very bad -- badly done! The first monster is the shape-changing robot Tiktac Spittlegit. He's not French but he's malign! He can transform into any domestic object and actually has no 'basic' topology. Here we see him changing so rapidly between the forms of garlic bulb, bird eye chilli, mate gourd, tealight case and drawing pin that he appears to be all those things simultaneously. Which makes him look like a sort of owl. A bad owl. This photo of him was done last night, on a Monday. Owls don't like Mondays. They want to hoot the whole day down.

Ruby dubDub on the other hand bears an uncanny resemblance to myself. Pure coincidence. She is a female monster with a taste in Jamaican music who keeps her dreads under her burnoose. Ruby's dreads, of course, have nothing to do with her hair. They are more literal than that... Her one redeeming feature is that she reads the magazine Postscripts, which is an incredibly cheap and corny way of publicing the fact that issue #18 is now out, featuring my story 'The Gala of Implausible Songs'. Of the several hundred stories I've written, this is certainly in my top 10 personal favourites, though I don't know exactly in what position it can be found.

Soon I'll have to start trying to make a cover for my Mister Gum novel. My idea is to make the outline of a miniature Cerne Abbas giant out of winegums on the beach and photograph that image as the tide comes in. I might scatter some props in the vicinity too: a bicorn hat, if I can get hold of one; a pistol, probably fake; maybe a toy snake. The result might be fairly evocative of what happens in the novel. I think the publisher of this book had difficulties finding an artist willing to take the project on, which is why he allowed me to have a go. I wish I had more talent with visual images. Or maybe I don't wish that!

The second part of my Americymru interview is now online here...

Right… pay attention, 007: I'm going to start reading The Crystal Cosmos in the next day or so.

Before I do that, what — if anything — does it have to do with either The Postmodern Mariner or Less Lonely Planet, or both??

For that matter, should people read the Introduction first, or will it make more sense after reading the novella?

Will it ever make sense?

And Jennifer says that Ruby dubDub sounds too cute to be scary, but she isn't sure that her face isn't that of someone having a challenging time passing a bit of gas.
And why is there a bull behind Tiktac Spittlegit? Is Mr. Spittlegit about to be attacked by the bull, or is the reverse that case?

So many questions…
As far as I remember, *The Crystal Cosmos* isn't directly linked to TPM or TLLP. But the bronze man Gnathon is the same Gnathon who appears in 'The Golden Fleas'.

There are plenty of other links to plenty of other things, I'm sure!

The bull behind Tiktac Spittlegit is a symbol, or rather the smelly substance behind the bull is a symbol... A symbol of the veracity of Tiktac's entire career!
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