Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Sweets in Reverse

This photo is a flipped and adjusted negative of the image that will hopefully be soon gracing the cover of my Mister Gum novel. I've fiddled with the picture because the original isn't mine but belongs to the talented photographer and designer, H.F. Lawson, and I don't wish to infringe copyright. I rarely infringe anything. I don't even like infringing my forehead, preferring to sweep my hair back. The original photo is far more eyecatching and funky than this and will make an effective cover. It's thematic too, surprisingly.

Mister Gum, as I've probably said before, is a satire consisting of four interconnected sections. The first section is a satire on the teaching of creative writing; the second is a satire on crime fiction; the third, a satire on detective fiction; and the fourth is a satire on satire. Publication date is sometime in June. Subjects and situations covered by the book to a greater or lesser degree include semantics, cybernetics, identity theft, subterranean penetration, solar radiation, progressive rock, literary awards and egotism, all treated in a smutty manner.

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