Friday, May 08, 2009


Bicycle Names

I have a bicycle again. This means I can get fit enough for a big bicycle adventure later in the year. Maybe a two-wheeled tour of Sardinia in September, who knows? With a humble nod in the direction of Che Guevara, the name of my bicycle is 'The Less Than Mighty One'. At the moment it's a rather boring black colour, so I'll probably paint it blue, green, yellow, orange and gold. All bicycles should have absurd names, in my view. Don Cosquillas, hero of my unfinished novel The Pilgrim's Regress, unsurprisingly shares this view. During his political phase his various bicycles were called 'A Squeaking Class Hero', 'The Bicycle Potemkin', 'How Clean Was My Velocipede', 'The Smelly Saddled Philanthropist' and 'The Stakhanovite Lazybones’...

At some point I really ought to return to that novel and finish it. I have too many partly completed projects, dozens of them, and it's getting confusing. I keep forgetting how certain stories or sequences are supposed to end. It's a chaotic and frustrating working method I don't recommend! One project at a time is the ideal I always strive for and never attain... In the meanwhile, with the demise of the WoW website, the online stories it featured have been archived at The Future Fire. These archived stories include the first five 'chapters' of The Pilgrim's Regress, all of them written in a very cold wooden cabin in the mountains near Segovia back in the winter of 2007. Brrr!

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