Friday, May 29, 2009


Hairless Yeti Bedtime

This painting shows a retired yeti enjoying a civilised nap in his great external bedroom. The yeti is none other than MeMeMeMeMe U, one of the monsters who oppose the forces of good in my Twisthorn Bellow novel. MeMeMeMeMe U made his first appearance in my short story 'Hell Toupée' (not yet published) but I liked him enough to include him in my novel also. He enters Britain without a visa when the block of ice that entombs him is shipped back from Tibet to the Imperial Ice Museum in London. Then global warming thaws him out and all hairy hell breaks loose! After many adventures he returns to a secret valley in Tibet and grows old gracefully, losing all his hair, which is how he is depicted here. Coincidentally, a hairless yeti closely resembles a badly painted brown man!

This painting was executed over a period of many months. I did the mountains last December, then hid the unsatisfactory result until the yeti grew sleepy enough to include in the foreground, a few days ago. Nicholas Roerich spit your heart in (the opposite of eat your heart out!)

An exclusive extract from Twisthorn Bellow can be found by clicking on this link. It's a passage from the final chapter. Hope you enjoy...

Despite his recent hair loss MeMeMeMeMe U is a traditional yeti. He holds his yeti culture, including yeti music, yeti literature, yeti needlework and yeti yoghurt, dear to his yeti heart. He hasn't succumbed to temptation. He doesn't own a mobile phone. He drinks tea in glasses and coffee in clay pots and plays flutes made from cucumbers. Probably.
I did enjoy the excerpt from your new novel, rather, I enjoyed the visual joke....ambient painting, btw. Can I arsk which medium you used? If you're curious I attach a link to my own artwork, some of it completed during a BA (Hons) Design from the University of Wales:

Brushspace hosts some really fab artists if you fancy a troll, or is that trawl? - and pob lwc with all of your publications & the Himalayan chillies! Hwyl mawr!
Thanks for your comments! To answer your question, I didn't use a medium because I tend to believe that ghosts are a hindrance when attempting to make a painting...

My main disadvantage when it comes to art is that I can't do it.

I visited the website you recommended and I've registered there but I can't find your work...? I did a search on your name but nothing came up. Do you have a more precise link?
Thanks for asking, maybe this link will work...

If you scroll down you can see my claywork which is much more interesting than my paintings; unfortunately we haven't got the space for claywork.

How *unfair* would that be if you could both publish world-acclaimed books AND paint? I mean, you can paint, it's not the result that always counts. In fact it's never the result that counts if you're making a living at it.

Are you well?
That computer looks like it uses floppy disks :O

I like your painting.

By 'eck, this was a bit of crap comment. Me 'ead is baked in the sun.
Alas, yes, my computer still uses floppy disks. It's about 15 years old...

I'm always a decade and a half behind the times in everything!
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