Sunday, July 05, 2009


Launching a Book, Shelving a Ship

Here's a mildly old photograph to illustrate the fact I'm about to organise a literary event for August here in Swansea. When The Postmodern Mariner was published last summer the plan was for a beach-party launch but circumstances conspired to cancel that happening, so it seems only proper to have another go, but to make the second attempt bigger and better than the original conception... What I'm now planning is no longer just a relaunch of The Postmodern Mariner (and the plugging of my other new books) but a gathering of many writers with their own works to promote. There will be readings and books on sale and other stuff and the pirate-themed beach-party will come after all the business. I'm hoping there will be seashore duels and walking-the-plank incidents and that it'll be a very photogenic and bloggable afternoon. Details will be propagated when they are available for that purpose...

Great! Can I bring my mathematically-challenged parrot?
But he'll probably bore you with his constant squawking:

Pieces of seven...
Pieces of seven...

We're in a period of financial deflation now, so maybe that parrot is wiser than you think!

Bob, it turned out that you did become a monster in my golem novel after all. I just had time in the rewrite to add you...
Bob, it turned out that you did become a monster in my golem novel after all. I just had time in the rewrite to add you...

Ah ha! fame at last! (or infamy!)
Cheers Rhys :)

I have come to a terrifying conclusion; THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL ALIVE TRAPPED ABOARD THE TITANIC!!!

Consider, if you will, the undeniable evidence:

1) Video taken by submersibles that have visited the wreck show that that The Titanic has not broken up but is in one piece; this means that the ship is water-tight.

2) Any survivors of the tragedy would have no doubt used their Edwardian ingenuity and constructed an air filtration device to allow the circulation of breathable air throughout the ship.

3) When The Titanic sank there were 7,000 people aboard; if only a handful of them survived the catastrophe there would be enough food and water on board the ship to last them for generations!

4) This is possibly the most disturbing evidence; there is fully documented accounts of ships receiving a bizarre SOS message when crossing the Atlantic sea at the point were The Titanic sank. Everytime, the message is the same; “We are the survivors of RMS Titanic, trapped aboard the ship on the ocean bed-if anybody can here us, for God's sake help us”!!!

Right now, there are people trapped on The Titanic who have been born aboard the ship, and have never seen the light of day and know nothing of the outside world!!

I believe that we have a moral duty to help these poor souls and I am raising funds to attempt a rescue mission; anyone wishing to discuss this with me should contact me
This alarming news has spurred me to action! I've pulled strings and arranged to have two rescue ships sail to the area immediately.

The first rescue ship is called 'The Flying Dutchman' and the second is called 'Marie Celeste'. Let's hope they get there safely!
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