Friday, September 04, 2009


Not Much

Not much has happened in the past week. I thought about including a picture of 'nothing' to illustrate this lack of activity, but I'm not sure what nothing looks like. I know what it doesn't look like, but that's not especially helpful. I therefore include a painting of a giant coffee pot on a rather boring landscape instead. It's a terrible painting, but I did it last year and the statute of limitations has expired, so I can't be blamed for it now.

I'm still working on my 500th story and expect to be doing so for a while yet... I have also been putting some new chapbooks together... According to the publisher of Mister Gum, the book has now been published, but I won't blog about it until I receive some copies... I have agreed to judge the BFS short story competition... I recently started a new blog devoted to flash absurdist fiction, a project that will consist of exactly 100 short tales by various writers. It is open to submissions but there's no payment involved, little status and almost no readership.

Where do you send the subs?
Where do I send the subs??? I don't command subs. If I did and needed to deploy them for war, I'd try to learn from mistakes that occurred in historical submarine engagements. For instance, I would definitely cancel the order to Kapitänleutnant Walther Schwieger of U-20 to fire torpedoes at RMS Lusitania on the afternoon of 7th May 1915. Apart from that, I don't really know what advice to offer you. History is a great teacher and I assume this also applies to anything concerning submarines.
Well you sure torpedoed my comment...

So, where do you send the submissions? :-)
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