Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sandals With Socks

The weather has finally been good enough to permit a resumption of outdoor life. So we decided to go walking on the Gower. We set off on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Three Cliffs Bay in time to watch the sunset from the cliffs. We collected enough driftwood to make a decent fire and drank wine and watched the stars, then slept on the beach. In a month or so it will be too cold to do this sort of thing without extra equipment. A gorgeous sunrise was followed by a swim in the sea, only the second time we have been swimming this year. We spent the whole day on the beach and watched another glorious sunset. Although the Gower is my own backyard it somehow influenced me to look like a tourist. We are planning a much more arduous jaunt on Tuesday, namely a non-stop walk from Swansea to Rhossili.

Now for writing: the first review of Mister Gum has appeared here, which proves that the book does in fact exist, though I haven't seen it yet... I believe I also have a chapbook called Madonna Park due out any day now... I might have two other chapbooks to follow that one, called respectively The Fanny Fables and Plutonian Parodies... I'm still working on my 500th story... I'm also writing a story for an anthology themed around the eccentric author Gustav Meyrink. It is set in Prague, so I have been dredging my memory for images of that truly amazing city (I haven't been there since 1992)... Naturally enough, other news will be reported as it happens.

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