Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sappy Ever After

It appears that my book Nowhere Near Milk Wood is now mostly available for free on Google Books. Here it is. Some pages are missing, but a lot of the text can be read intact, and because many of the 'chapters' may easily be read as standalone tales (even though the book was structured as an edifice of linked adventures) I urge you to take this opportunity, if such is your inclination. For instance the first part of the book, the novella 'Martyr to Music', is there in its entirety. The second and third parts aren't complete, but the second part, 'Taller Stories', has recently been cancelled out anyway, by the writing of my Tallest Stories book (that volume is still sitting with the publisher)...

I guess I ought to talk about my forthcoming Ex Occidente book. I'll do that in the coming weeks. At the moment I'm still submitting stories to Dan Ghetu; and in fact I've sent him much of my best work from the past ten years. The Impossible Inferno will be my most substantial volume ever, crammed with novellas and novelettes as well as short stories. Naturally, there's a lot of crossover between Nowhere Near Milk Wood, Tallest Stories, The Impossible Inferno and Twisthorn Bellow; and so here's another image of a monster to celebrate the fact. Behold the robot villain, Sappy Ever After, relaxing in his private chambers in the city of Moonville just prior to being mailed as a parcel to his enemies. He has an incorrectly completed crossword for a face and this explains his cryptic but pithy fury!

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