Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The Twist in the Proof

I have finally finished proofreading my novel Twisthorn Bellow. I delayed this task as long as possible, even to the extent of telling the publisher I had lost the ARC copy and only found it last week (in truth the book has been sitting on my table since I received it a month ago). I find proofreading an extremely difficult thing to do. The fact that the rhythms of the prose are set in my mind makes the spotting of errors extra problematic: I tend to read what's already in my head rather than what's on the page before me. No matter: it's done now! And this means the electronic version of TB can be bought right now, if such is your inclination! It can be obtained here. Yippee!

I was delighted to receive a superb blurb from the legendary Mike Mignola about my novel and that blurb can be found here. I like the way that things can be found in places. Or if not in places then at certain times. Or if not in places or times, then nowhere. But at least they can be found in nowhere: that's saying a lot. These two photos are portraits of two monsters that can be found in my book. The first one shows the robot Highly Contrived Name at home in the city of Moonville. The second one shows Ruby dubDub standing above an indoor sundial. My publisher, the redoubtable Ian Alexander Martin, doesn't believe in indoor sundials, but they do exist. Here's mine. It may be noted that Ruby dubDub has a different face from the face in her earlier portrait, but that's normal for her. She also appears to have acquired the hands of Enid Hans. Ah well!

It has just occurred to me that I never revealed the place where my earlier novel Mister Gum can be obtained. I blogged about it without providing a link to the publisher. What an oversight! It can be bought here. Other news: I have just sent a new collection called Mirrors in the Deluge to a different publisher. I put this book together a while ago but had to wait for the publisher to open his submission gates again. The moment those gates were ajar I was inside: like a comparison up a drainpipe! Also I might finally be published in book form in France. I think it's in book form. I'd better go and find out...

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