Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monsters of the Victorian Age #1

Lecturing Monsters

In 1877 monsters were finally allowed to give public lectures. These talks often generated considerable controversy due to the fact that the electric system of amplification invented by Emile Berliner and his Detectives the previous year rendered subtext audible for the first time. People didn't like what they heard and turned away in droves. Even drovers turned away in droves. The question of whether monsters should have delivered these lectures behind closed doors, in universities and technical institutes, is purely academic.

I've just received an email from Ray Russell of Tartarus Press that contains the comment, "Emile Berliner and the Detectives were an early skiffle band, weren't they?"

Yes indeed, he's quite right about this. Emile Berliner played tea-chest bass with the notorious Shockheaded Peter on washboard (catchphrase: "Vere's mine vashboard?")

The other Detectives later went on to join the Yardies, the Scotland Yardies.
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