Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Odyssey 2010

I have just registered for Odyssey 2010, also known as EasterCon, an SF convention that is taking place at Heathrow from April 2nd to 5th. I hardly ever attend literary conventions or meetings in the UK, so if you're attending this event you should get to meet me. What a dubious pleasure for you! Guests of Honour include Alastair Reynolds, Iain Banks, Liz Williams and Mike Carey.

Also in attendance (among many other worthies) will be Ian Watson, an author I regard as one of the finest ideas writers to have emerged from British SF in its entire history. I devoured Watson's books when I was a student and I'm still a huge fan of his work, so I'm especially keen to meet him. I can hardly overstate the influence his short stories have had on my own work, and indeed my novella The Crystal Cosmos was a direct tribute to him.

Now then, now then. My novel Twisthorn Bellow is due to be launched at Odyssey 2010 and I'll be trying to help the publisher (Ian Alexander Martin) flog copies, mostly by drawing attention to them rather than flicking a whip, though one never knows... I'm a terrible salesman but I certainly intend to do my best, without being too pushy or acting too much like a buffoon, if possible... Unless acting like a buffoon is what people want... Here's an official advert for my novel. I have been told that copies exist already, that they rolled off the press a few days ago. The superb cover was created by Steve Upham, who as everyone probably knows is not only an amazing illustrator but also an excellent publisher in his own right.

Sounds like alot of top talent gathered together.
I'll look out for you and the book...cons are where I spend my year's book budget.
Thanks Philip! Look forward to meeting you there!

There are quite a few interesting talks and events listed on the programme, so I'm getting more excited by the day!
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