Thursday, July 01, 2010


Better the Devil

Shall we have a sing-along? Ready? All together now! Seventy-six tale-bones played the big afraid, with one hundred and ten corny lines close behind... Yes, that little ditty is relevant to the following eBook. Available for the Kindle or other newfangled reading machine, Better the Devil, is my first purely digital collection and contains exactly 76 stories from the entire span of my writing career, including my two earliest surviving stories, plus my first published story, etc. All are very short -- that was the criteria for inclusion. Only a few stories are longer than 3000 words and many are below 1000 words.

In point of fact, Better the Devil, is an omnibus of my seven fiction chapbooks. So the contents are as follows:

* Romance With Capsicum (14 stories)
* The Skeleton of Contention (9 stories)
* Madonna Park (6 stories)
* Plutonian Parodies (3 stories)
* The Fanny Fables (8 stories)
* To Err is Divine (6 stories)
* The Devil You Don't (29 stories)

The final chapbook in that list was put together especially for this eBook and doesn't actually exist in a paper format, though you are perfectly entitled to print one off yourself, if that's what you want. It's a selection of 'flash' fiction. If you are of an arithmetical bent you have probably noticed that the above figures add up to 75. No mistake. I concealed the 76th story in the Introduction... Every author should conceal a story there, in my opinion.

Better the Devil is available from Amazon at the princely sum of $3.51 or free sample viewing here...
Or if you prefer to save a few coins, it's also available at Smashwords here...

Fantastic! Do you know who created the cover art?
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