Monday, July 19, 2010


Books in Their Natural Setting

Authors are required by custom to promote themselves in sundry ways. This photo shows outsize copies of my Twisthorn Bellow novel in the park next to Adele. Being so large, these books are difficult to shelve domestically. But some ordinary-sized copies are still available from the publisher or elsewhere. He wrote to me recently to say that only a dozen of the first print-run remain; so best to hurry if you want an inaugural edition!

While on the subject of book promotion, I might as well take this opportunity to plug The Postmodern Mariner yet again. Copies are still available and if you want a discount, simply order one direct from the publisher here while mentioning the keyword "discount". Do this, and not only will you please the publisher and me, you'll also delight the characters in the book, especially Castor Jenkins.

A few days ago I wrote a new Castor Jenkins tale, and it seems inevitable I will write more; probably I'll collect them all in a single volume when I have enough, but not before The Postmodern Mariner sells out. I never planned on returning to Castor: it happened spontaneously. Into my head popped a title for a story, 'The Monkey's Pawpaw', about a haunted papaya that can grant wishes, and it just flowed out from there.

I am also returning to Mr Gum, my obnoxious Creative Writing tutor. As my Mister Gum novel is due to go into a second edition, the publisher suggested I expand the book with a new story. So that's what I'm working on right now. You can still buy the first edition here. I'm also preparing to write the fourth installment in my Albarracín sequence and the second chapter of my new novel, The Young Dictator. It's all go!

Oh yes, and I've just signed a contract with an Italian publisher. I'm going to be translated into Italian! So I'll have my pizza with a topping of ragazza, if you please. Grazie tanto!

Hello Rhysaurus,

I have lived in Swansea for nearly two years now, and I think that it's fair to say that you are something of a local celebrity! Many of my friends have read your books, or at the very least have heard of you, and that made me start to think; how about you starting up a Rhysaurus fan club? Firstly, you could send out newsletters telling us information about yourself (hobbies, size, you know...), but I think some Rhysaurus merchandise would be great! How about Republique Nutt t-shirts? Or Twisthorn Bellow baseball caps? You could have download-able cellphone ring tones on your website ("This is the voice of Rhysasurus; buy my new book!" or "This is Rhysaurus; I am watching you!"). A Rhysaurus fan club would be an unbelievable experience for me....
Hello Voltaire!

I'll be candid(e) with you and say that I did consider tying a fan to a club, taking a photo of it and announcing, "Look I do have a fan club!"

But I couldn't find a fan or a club... No matter! I wrote a piece about backscratchers and shoehorns instead. Here it is:

Hope you like it! Regards!
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