Monday, July 12, 2010


Philip José Farmer Tribute Book

The long awaited tribute volume to the great Philip José Farmer is now available. The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions can be ordered from the Official Philip José Farmer Website here. This is a limited edition volume that contains unpublished work by Farmer, as well as a host of stories and articles by other writers. Only 500 copies exist; and approx 400 of those were pre-orders. Which means that there's only about 100 left in TODO MUNDO... So place your orders fast! As I've said before, this book contains one of my own stories, a tribute to Farmer entitled 'The Pollinators', which explains why I am wearing a flowery hat in an effort to promote the volume. Actually it's not really a hat but a pair of Adele's shorts. Yes, you heard right. Shorts. Well, I'd look silly wearing full-length trousers on my head, wouldn't I?

400 is a pretty good amount of pre sales on the limited edition. I got number 128, signed by six contributers. I've been dipping in and out of it since it arrived. Might just try The Pollinators tonight.
Well, I don't know for sure if 400 pre-orders were taken. I just assume that's the case because my copy says there's a print run of 500, and I was told beforehand that only 100 would be printed over the pre-order amount.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my story! So far I've only read the Randall Garrett article (which is excellent) but I hope to read all the rest soon. Regards!
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