Thursday, August 12, 2010


Monsters of the Victorian Age #5

Entangled Monsters

The difficulty of disentangling certain monsters after they had embraced each other led to the passing of a law in 1868 that treated knotted conglomerations of imaginary beings as single units for the purposes of moral and scientific research. Monsters can be sticky and massively elongated, making entanglements almost inevitable and natural; and yet the general public tended to regard monster knots as examples of tragedy. On the lighter side, an Italian chef was inspired to create a new dish called "spaghetti" by the sight of an especially intricate knot of monsters off the coast of Margate. Some people dispute this and claim that the first spaghetto was created in the 12th century, but such arguments are now all in the pasta. It is not entirely unknown for Lecturing Monsters to be included in the set of Entangled Monsters.

I presume the monster in the bottom right hand-corner's exuse for striking that pose is that he is trying to dance. Didn't work for Bowie, won't work for him.
You're absolutely spot on with your observation. That monster really was trying to dance!

Maybe #6 in this series should be "Dancing Monsters"? But in fact it's more likely to be "Chimney Monsters"...
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