Friday, September 10, 2010


And the Winner is...

(1) Jukka-Petteri Halme

And the two runners-up are

(2) Luísa Ferreira
(3) Mads Pedersen

Jukka will be the main villain. Luísa and Mads will also be villains but slightly less dastardly. Either they will be in the employ of Jukka, or else they will be rivals to him. Another fellow by the name of Tom Alaerts has already secured a place in the novella by prior arrangement: he will be a pirate. Thanks to everyone who entered! Further details of the selection procedure including a full list of entrants can be found on one of my other blogs, here.

WAHEY!!! I better start practicing my eevil villainous laughter and whatnot.

I hold your hat personally responsible, and also Fate - my true main villain!
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