Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Into the Hat

I should have chosen a villain out of the hat by now, but I have decided to postpone that procedure until next Friday, so you still have a few days left to forward your name if you want to be the chief villain of The Coandă Effect. So far twenty-two individuals have offered themselves for this dubious privilege! Here are the names waiting to go into the hat. Do you want to join them? Email me at rhysaurus@yahoo.co.uk. You may ask yourself "What good is there in being a villain?" and to that question I will naturally reply "Precisely!" with a sinister chuckle!

Of course, there's no point just showing the names without revealing the hat. So here's the hat! It came from a Brazilian "Festa Junina" I went to a few years ago. These São João celebrations involve dressing up like farmboys and country girls and dancing the "quadrilha", a sort of wilder version of square dancing. Good fun after drinking rum. Talking about fun, Adele and I spent an excellent weekend wild camping on Oxwich again. We went there partly to indulge in some "weirdlight" spotting (I hesitate to use the term "UFO"). For some reason the skies above Oxwich are full of odd lights and the dunes and marshes behind the beach aren't short of will-o'-the-wisps and other peculiar glows. Anyway...

I have just done a piece about the book I would like to be buried with. Click here to read it. This is an ongoing series and some of the other authors who have taken part have come up with a few interesting choices. The truth is that I don't really want to be buried with any book; I would prefer to be cremated on a beach. But any opportunity to plug the particular author I have chosen must be taken!

I suppose I shall have to be patient and wait until next Friday. Rest assured my patience is very diabolic. For example, right now I am strumming my fingers on my desk in an attempt to annoy you into picking a name sooner. I know what you're thinking. How can he be so villainous, and also, how can he strum his fingers on his desk while he's typing? Answer? Mad genius...
Strum away! I can take it! I can endure any kind of finger drumming and in fact I often play exotic rhythms on coffee jars and biscuit tins, to the intense annoyance of bystanders! Having said that, I may well use you as a villain anyway, even if your name isn't selected!
While I believe I am main villain material, I would not be opposed to minor (yet equally iniquitous) forms of thuggery.
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