Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A Sterling Effort

I have finished The Coandă Effect at last! One month it took me from beginning to end. It's a Corto Maltese adventure featuring physics, ghosts, pirates, bandits, submarines, bicycles, hats, icebergs, vermouth, the Second Balkans War of 1913, duels, cobwebs and a Finnish villain so dastardly that even I am shocked by his antics! This novella turned out to be slightly longer than I originally anticipated, 24,000 words in total. I'll correct it tomorrow (there are always mistakes) and send it to my publisher on Friday.

Here's a short film Adele made of her artworks with background music by underrated prog-rockers, Camel.

Last Friday it was my birthday. I climbed to Mumbles lighthouse for the first time in my life. Also I was unexpectedly asked to interview the great SF author Bruce Sterling for the Italian national newspaper, La Stampa. The deadline was very tight but I did it in time! The interview has just gone online here. The English version should hopefully be available soon. I was delighted with Bruce Sterling's answers: he's an enormously clever but utterly unpretentious man and the messages embedded in his brilliant writing are genuinely important.

Congratulations all around!
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