Tuesday, November 16, 2010


African Charity Anthology

I have just received a copy of the anthology recently published by the charity READ International. It's a nice looking paperback that features the winning entries of the Read for READ Short Story Competition and it was launched at the British Library in London just over two weeks ago. The winners are Kate Baggott, Kristen Bailey, Charlotte Mary Ingram and Eleanor O'Rorke and the general standard of the final shortlist was clearly high, for the winning stories are all extremely well written. The anthology also includes stories by three guest writers, and I'm pleased to say that I am one of those.

Two of my stories were chosen; one, 'The Defining Moment', was written especially for this book and is about books; the other, 'The Mice Will Play', dates from 2001 and is one of my many cat stories. Yes, I have written plenty of cat stories in my time, but I don't dabble with that subgenre now. If one writes too many cat stories, people start to gossip... I have absolutely no idea if this anthology is commercially available or not. There doesn't seem any way of getting hold of it from the Read International website, nor is there a price anywhere on the book itself. But I don't think it's a freebie.

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