Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Gallic Jam Sea

My story 'La Déconfiture d'Hypnos' has just been published in Le Visage Vert #17, a French anthology that includes fiction by John Buchan and E.F. Benson. The Buchan text is from his linked story collection, The Runagates Club, one of his best books in my view, and one of the finest examples of the 'Clubhouse Tale' subgenre. I am overjoyed to be published in French again! I'm especially pleased that I was given the opportunity to illustrate my own story after the commissioned artist failed to produce anything. I created a montage photo, something I have been doing a lot lately. And here's the result.

The picture shows the main character Florian on a raft of toast. The English title of 'La Déconfiture d'Hypnos' is 'The Jam of Hypnos'. I wrote this story back in 2003 and it's one of my favourites. In my last entry I mentioned that I was working on a story called 'The Quims of Itapetinga', also one of my favourites. That story is finished now and has been added to my Brothel Creeper collection. So which of my own stories do I consider to be my very best? I have selected my own personal top ten, a list that can be found here.

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