Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My Eighteenth Book

I find it hard to believe in the existence of a book until I see it with my own eyes and hold it with my own hands, so even though The Coandă Effect was published two weeks ago I didn't really allow myself to celebrate the fact. However, a large box stuffed with copies arrived from Romania a few days ago, and so now I'm able to fully appreciate the satisfaction of adding another title to my growing bibliography. This particular volume went from concept to finished product faster than any of my other books. The story was commissioned in August; I wrote it during September; it was accepted and proofread in October; and it rolled off the printers in November. If only all projects were so smooth and untroubled! Regards therefore to Dan Ghetu of Ex Occidente Press for turning this highly unusual 'Corto Maltese' pipedream into a reality.

I reviewed this stiff-leafed book here a week or so ago.
You did indeed, Des! Thanks very muchly!
And an excellent eighteenth book it is!
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