Sunday, December 26, 2010


Xmas Cheer

Christmas is here again. In fact the Day itself has come and gone and I successfully managed to ignore it. Yes, I'm a perfect unreformed Scrooge, a hearty opponent of both Christianity and Consumerism who hasn't celebrated Christmas for a couple of decades. I hate spending money on overpriced gifts and I can't stand enforced jollity. Even the act of sending greetings cards is a chore beyond me. I despise the entire idiotic charade. Merry Christmas anyway!

But I did receive a present that cheered me up. The acceptance of Tucked Away in Aragon, my cycle of fantastical Albarracín stories, by the same fine publisher who very recently issued The Coandă Effect. I am delighted with this news, as this particular story wheel is an absolute favourite of mine, a linked series of ten lighthearted but philosophical tales that span the past 1000 years of the history of that remarkable little city.

This photograph shows Albarracín as it was in September 2007, when I first stumbled upon it while looking for the source of the River Tajo. Quite a contrast to the present Welsh landscape of snow, ice and grey cloud!

Congratulations, Rhys.
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