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Forthcoming in 2011

I forgot to mention that 'The Astral Disruptor' has been included in an omnibus eBook with works by Bruce Sterling, Mike Resnick and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, available in Italian as well as English. The publisher 40K has created several loosely-themed anthologies from the separate texts it has already released. The omnibus I'm in is called Different Kinds of Magic and is available at Smashwords, Amazon and several other places. 40K are due to release more of my work in eBook format in the near future. When electronic publishing first reared its cyber-head I was full of doubts but it really has taken off. I'm even toying with the idea of obtaining a Kindle...

The first week of January is a good time to reflect on hopes and dreams for the future and how they can be realised. It's also the right time for authors to list what works are scheduled to appear in the year ahead. The following is my own list. Bear in mind that although the following books are scheduled to be published in 2011 this doesn't necessarily mean they will appear. In the publishing world, the appearance of a book is never certain: publishers fold, change their minds, are subject to the same vagaries of circumstance as everyone else. And in fact it's normal for books to be delayed. The keyword is "hope".

Books due out in 2011:

* 2nd edition of Mister Gum (with extra material)
2nd edition of Worming the Harpy (with extra material)
* Tucked Away in Aragon
* Link Arms With Toads!
* Tallest Stories
* The Impossible Inferno
* La Déconfiture d'Hypnos
(probable title for French collection)
2nd edition of The Less Lonely Planet


* The Phantom Festival
* The Scamps of Disorder
* Moondipper
* The Knight of Whatever

Still under consideration:

* The Brothel Creeper
* The Truth Spinner
* The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange
* The Just Not So Stories

As for new writing, my priority is to produce two novels this year, Captains Outrageous and The Young Dictator. Anything else I write will be a bonus, though I do have a dozen short stories and a novelette or two planned.

Yipee to the republishing of Worming the Harpy!
Thanks Michael. It's at the printers right now. Here's the link to the relevant Tartarus Press page:
Worming the Harpy reprint
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