Friday, March 11, 2011


My Nineteenth Book

It's shoe-time, I mean showtime!

Yes, The Brothel Creeper is out already! I received my copies two days ago. I think it's my best collection to date. But what would I know? Authors are generally not the smartest judges of their own work. Nonetheless, that's what I truly believe.

20 Tales of Sexual & Spiritual Tension (21 tales if you buy the hardback)... Includes some of my finest stories (in my opinion), such as 'The Quims of Itapetinga', 'The Sickness of Satan', 'The Indigo Casbah', 'The Docking of Spaceship Earth', etc.

It also includes 'Southbound Satin', the story I submitted to Exotic Gothic a couple of years ago: editor Danel Olsen claimed it was "one of the best stories he'd ever read"; the publisher, Christopher Roden, said it was "poorly written and silly"... Clearly there's a huge difference of opinion on the merits of my work. Why not make up your own mind by buying the book and reading it, etc...

It's available from Gray Friar Press even as we speak...

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