Friday, March 25, 2011


What a Toady!

Here's the cover of my forthcoming book, Link Arms With Toads! I'm delighted with it! With luck the book will be published in May. Chômu Press are currently taking a very distinctive (and to my mind extremely effective) approach to cover design. They have just released their latest title, a collection of stories entitled The Life of Polycrates by Brendan Connell, one of the best contemporary writers of dark literary weirdness. Although a new press, Chômu already have a superb lineup of writers. Another personal favourite of mine with a book due out soon is Michael Cisco.

As for my own book: have I already mentioned that it's a 'sampler' of my entire body of work; in other words, it features stories in the genres of fantasy, magic realism, science fiction, postmodern whimsy, gothic pastiche, etc, etc. It'll be the first book of mine to showcase the totality of what I do... The above cover design of Toads! is based on an idea I had a few months ago, but the Chômu artist has vastly improved on my original (which you can see here) by turning an incompetent doodle into a visual statement that captures the flavour of my writing.

I love the cover! Will check it out.
Thanks Aliya! You must have left that comment while I was in the midle of writing the blog entry: this time I amde even more mistakes with formatting, etc, than usual!
I didn't notice. Was too busy admiring the cover.
Ah, you're too kind!
Ignore my last comment. It makes me sound as if I'm taking credit for the cover! Oops!
Still just looking at the wonderful cover and not paying attention to your formatting mistakes and comments... ;)
I've just noticed your sidebar! I'm in your sidebar! Thank you.

A link to my blog is in your sidebar, not me personally, I mean.
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